RADIONUCLIDE SYNOVECTOMY INFORMATION FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILIES Radionuclide synovectomy (RS) is generally used to treat joints that have frequent bleeds even with regular factor replacement.  Generally one can expect that the frequency of bleeding in the joint will decrease and the pain associated with the acute bleeds will cease.  This procedure usually will not result in a decrease of the chronic arthritis pain or an increase in joint range of motion or function. RS are one of several methods that may be used to remove the synovial lining from a joint.  It involves injecting a small amount of radioactive material, phosphorous 32- sulfur colloid (P32), directly into the joint space.  Usually one injection of P32 is sufficient to treat a joint, however sometimes a second injection of P32 is necessary if the joint continues to have bleeding on a regular basis. If you are interested having RS you need to discuss this with your hemophilia treatment center.  They will need to examine the joint, obtain x-rays and possibly other tests to determine if you can have this procedure.  They will discuss with you the possible options and if you decide this is the best option will they can refer you to a center that is preforming the procedure.  Insurance clearance and possibly an evaluation by the orthopedists and hematologist at the center where the procedure is done may be needed. FOR PROVIDERS The following HTCs in the Great Plains Region are preforming RS on a regular basis.  Contact them to discuss necessary tests and scheduling. Gulf States Hemophilia and Thrombophilia Center Houston, TX Dr. Miguel Escobar or Mack Womack RN 713-500-8630 © 2013 Great Plains Bleeding and Clotting Disorders Foundation